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Hi there! My name is Cheved Kleinbart, and welcome to Vignette Photography.

I absolutely love taking pictures, and really appreciate the artsy side of a nice photo. I'm always on the lookout for new and cool locations.

I love interacting with people, especially little children. I can capture even the most active toddler's essence, even if it means chasing him around a park! I have no problem sitting on the ground if it means I'll be able to photograph their true personality.

Little children sometimes get overwhelmed with the pressure of needing to smile on demand. Patience is key, and I'm here to give them all the time they need to feel comfortable. Like children, photography is playful! we'll get that winning smile even if it takes all day!

My biggest goal is that my clients should be thrilled with my pictures, and customer service. I'm really passionate about that because I've been on the other side of the lens and am committed to your satisfaction.

Let's be in touch!